About me

developing stories that PUSH THE GAY AGENDA

Mr. Halevy received a degree in Business Administration and Film Production from Carnegie Mellon University. Later he worked at Sony Pictures Television as a casting assistant on shows such as Better Call Saul, The Goldbergs and Bloodline. He is currently a thesis student in the NYU Graduate Filmmaking Program and likely on the cusp of greatness - according to close friends and his mother. As a gay filmmaker, he practices inclusivity in his works to further the gay agenda. His stories are boldly irreverent and increasingly "dramedic". Whether in front of the camera or behind it, one can be sure to expect unusual things from Ari - great minds think like no one else.

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There is no relation between that man and myself. I have never heard of him, nor would I choose to engage with him.
— On the subject of Coach Randy, DECD. 2013